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#22554 Upper Airway Symposium 2019
06-Feb-2019 ~ 08-Feb-2019
Upper Airway Symposium 2019 
#22243 Physical Chemistry Australia 2019
11-Feb-2019 ~ 14-Feb-2019
This meeting is the biennial meeting of the RACI Physical Chemistry Division, and will bring together physical chemists from around Australia, NZ, and further abroad. 
#22320 2-day Skills Training Workshop - Sydney18 & 19 February 2019
18-Feb-2019 ~ 19-Feb-2019
This training is a two-day skills workshop informed by Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and a relational model for understanding complexity. It provides specific guidance for mental health workers, community counsellors and health professionals in evidence-based psychological treatment for self-harm, personality disorders and complex trauma. 
#22278 2019 Women in the Creative Arts Conference
06-Mar-2019 ~ 08-Mar-2019
2019 Women in the Creative Arts Conference. Hosted by UWA Conservatorium. 
#22483 Aboriginal Patrol Conference 2019
03-Apr-2019 ~ 04-Apr-2019
#22573 2019 Hunter & Central Coast Future Choices Expos for Students with Disability
20-Jun-2019 ~ 25-Jul-2019
2019 Hunter & Central Coast Future Choices Expos for Students with Disability 
#22232 IATUL2019 Conference
23-Jun-2019 ~ 27-Jun-2019
The International Association of University Libraries (IATUL) invites you to attend the 40th Annual IATUL Conference at the University of Western Australia and Curtin University. Get inspiration for the future, work with library development and meet up with colleagues and friends from all over the world at the same time. 
#22605 Australasian University Safety Association (AUSA) Conference 2019
25-Jun-2019 ~ 27-Jun-2019
Annual conference of AUSA 
#22593 Prescribed Burning: Evidence and Policy
01-Jul-2019 ~ 05-Jul-2019
#22509 ASERA 2019 Conference
02-Jul-2019 ~ 05-Jul-2019
Each year Australian Science Research Association (ASERA) brings together science education researchers and educators to share ideas that change the nature and practices of science education. 
#22446 DIRT: The ASAL 2019 Conference
02-Jul-2019 ~ 05-Jul-2019
#22580 Languages & Cultures Network for Australian Universities Fifth Biennial Colloquium 2019 (LCNAU 2019)
27-Nov-2019 ~ 29-Nov-2019
Languages & Cultures Network for Australian Universities Fifth Biennial Colloquium 2019 
#22339 NAEEA Symposium 2019
28-Nov-2019 ~ 30-Nov-2019
#22482 KSAA 2019 Biennial Conference
04-Dec-2019 ~ 06-Dec-2019
Korea in the Age of Precarity and Global Success